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Statistics - Chi-Squared Test for independence

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Question :
A quality control engineer wants to compare the production process of parts manufactured by four different companies. The engineer randomly samples a total of 270 parts from the four companies and summarizes the results in the following table. Based upon the results of the sample, can the quality control engineer conclude that part quality and manufacturer are independent at level of significance of 1%

Part Quality Co. A Co. B Co. C Co. D Row Total
Defective 8 8 10 9
Non-Defective 60 65 60 50
Column Total

a) Formulate the hypothesis
b) State the decision rule
c) Calculate Chi-Square statistic
d) Determine the conclusion and answer the question

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Null Hypothesis :
H0 : part quality and manufacturer are independent of each other
Alternate Hypothesis:
H1 ...

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