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Transform and Compute command in SPSS

This is an SPSS data set of unemployment rates categorized by country, gender, and year. If I want to generate a table that shows the average unemployment rate between 1980-2002 categorized by country for just males, how would I do that?

Please include directions of what you did in SPSS.


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Hi, While inserting data in SPSS, the columns represents the variables whereas the rows represents the different instances of the variable. What you are looking for is the average unemployment rate for males over the period 1980-2002. That mean you are working across different variables (columns) and not taking the ...

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This posting shows how to transform the data in SPSS from one form to another using Transform and Compute command. It walks through the transform command to convert a variable categorized differently to a more appropriate form so that it is easier to use it for analysis. The specific steps are provided on how wo work with the command.