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Parallel Modified Boxplots

A researcher believes that modern golden retrievers may be related to a breed of wild dog called the Carolina dingo. A sample of 16 animals was collected from each of the two populations. The length (in millimeters) of the mandible (jawbone) was measure for each animal, and shown in the table below.

Sample Values below Q1 Q1 Median Q3 Values below Q3
Golden retriever 114, 116, 116, 120 121 125 128 129, 130, 130, 132
Carolina dingo 104, 104, 105, 106 107 108 112 114, 122, 124, 125

a. Draw parallel modified boxplots, showing outliers.
b. Describe the distribution of golden retriever mandible lengths.
c. Estimate the mean of the mandible lengths for Carolina dingos. Briefly explain your answer.

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Excel file attached showing how to draw parallel modified boxplots, showing outliers for data on golden retriever mandibles, and how to find the mean from those plots.