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    hypergeometric, binomial, and poisson graphs using Excel

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    Using EXCEL, contruct a a graph showing the entire distribution for:

    a. Hypergepmetric, where n=4, N=20, and D=5
    b. Binomial, where n=15 and p = 0.05
    c. Poisson, where np = 1.0

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    The attached Excel spreadsheet shows the solution. The step-by-step process is as follows, essentially identical to each distribution.

    1. Find out the range of values that x can take for each distribution.
    For the hypergeometric and binomial distributions, this should range from 0 to n.
    For the Poisson, this should range from 0 to infinity (however the probabilities get extremely ...

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    Hypergeometric, binomial and poisson graphs using Excel are examined.