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Statistics for business and economics, volatility

Here are the questions I need help with. I attached the 2 excel files (File: InvRisk and File: Invest) that go with each statistics problems below. There are 2 statistics problems.

The statistics text I'm using is: Statistics for Business and Economics, 9e by Anderson Sweeney Williams. The accounting text I use is: Understand Financial Statements, 7th edition by Lyn M. Fraser.

Statistic Question #1:
File: InvRisk
A study of the volatility of 40 country's stock market returns was conducted by considering the standard deviation of these returns, the country's credit rating, and whether or not the country is a developing or emerging country. Analyze this data and summarize your results. (what are the relationships among the data?).

Statistic Question #2:
File: Invest
A financial institution sells several kinds of investment products - a stock fund, a bond fund, and a tax-deferred annuity. The company is examining whether customer satisfaction depends on the type of investment product purchased. To do this, 100 clients are randomly selected from the population of clients who have purchased shares in exactly one of the funds. The company records the fund type purchased by these clients and asks each sampled client to rate his/her level of satisfaction with the fund as either high, medium, or low. Analyze this data and summarize your results.


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