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    SPSS Analysis

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    I have atatched a SPSS data file. I have 4 population of the house pricing in Ontario (10 prices in 4 regions) and I need to perform at least 3 tests in SPSS to compare the region with each other. Also I need conclusions for the all.

    I expect that at least three different tests will be done- for example, you may do an F test for variances to determine if pooled or separate variance t tests are to be done, and then do the appropriate t tests. You may do Anova tests. You may do a related sample t test. You may draw confidence interval estimates, etc. (The Anova test and the related Tukey procedure / Levene's test count as one test, because it is an extension of the Anova test).

    In addition, you need to comment on the results of different tests that were done, and if they lead to the same or different conclusions and why.

    Please paste everything in a word file and send the spss file also.

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