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One Way ANOVA: Thickness of Oak Veneer Panels

The Haines Lumber Company makes plywood for the furniture industry. One product it makes is 3/4 - inch oak veneer panels. It is very important that the panels conform to the 3/4 - inch specification. Each hour, 5 panels are selected at random and measured. After 4 hours a total of 20 panels have been measured. The thickness measures are shown below.

Hour Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3 Panel 4 Panel 5
1 0.745 0.715 0.762 0.794 0.792
2 0.808 0.687 0.747 0.788 0.721
3 0.733 0.702 0.697 0.724 0.731
4 0.689 0.737 0.742 0.759 0.743

A What sampling technique was used to select this sample?

B. State the null and alternative hypothesis.

C. State the decision rule ( @ = 0.01). fish symbol

D. Calculate your test statistic with calculations

E. What is your decision regarding the null statement?

F. Write a conclusion statement (interpret the statistical results in real world terms).

G. Consider the results of the hypothesis test you conducted above. Which of the two types of errors could you have committed? Explain the ramification of committing such an error in the context of this scenario.

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