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    Nonparamettic ANOVA for sample mean

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    The National Turkey Association wants to experiment with three different feed mixtures for very young turkeys. Since no experience exists regarding the three mixtures, no assumptions can be made about the distribution of weights. The Kruskal-Wallis test must be used to test whether the turkeys are equal in weight after eating the feed for a specified length of time. Five young turkeys were given feed A, six were given feed B, and five were given feed C. Test at the .05 level whether the mean weights of the turkeys who ate feed A, feed B, and feed C are equal.

    Feed mixture A Feed mixture B Feed mixture C
    10.9 10.7 10.6
    11.2 10.8 11.3
    11.3 11 11.9
    12 11.3 12
    12.1 12 12.4

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