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    Hypothesis test and ANOVA table interpretation

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    1. You want to prove that a population mean is not 7. Data is ratio and a large sample size will be used (n = 225). When the sample is done the sample mean is computed to be 7.2 and the sample standard deviation is 1.5. Test the hypothesis using an alpha of 5%. Use formal hypothesis testing and compute the p-value.

    2. An associate asks for your help in deciphering the following Anova table, indicating that a test of means was performed on the average age of people at three different locations. Unfortunately the person leaves before you can get any further explanation or detail, but you know the results must be presented before senior staff within twenty minutes!

    Use the formal 5-step hypothesis testing model to describe the test, the results and interpret the results in conversational English. (See table in attached file)

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    The first part of the solution is a detailed example of a large sample ...

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    The first part of the solution is a detailed example of a large sample test of hypothesis about a population mean. The second part of the solution is an interpretation/explanation of an ANOVA table for a one-way analysis of variance.