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ANOVA Table and Regression Model of Sales per Person

Please see the attached file for better table format.

) Fill in the missing values in following ANOVA table

Source df SS MS F
Factor 346.2 115.4 20.79
Error 16

a. In the above ANOVA table, is the factor significant at 5% level of significant?

4) A regression model relating x, number of sales persons at a branch office, to y, annual sales at the office ($1000s), has been developed. The computer output from a regression analysis of the data follows.

The regression equation is

Y = 80.0 + 50.0X

Predictor Coef Stdev t-ratio
Constant 80.0 11.333 7.06
X 50.0 5.482 9.12
Analysis of Variance
Regression 1 6828.6 6828.6
Error 28 2298.8 82.1
Total 29 9127.4

a. Write the estimated regression equation
b. How many branch offices were involved in the study?
c. Compute the F statistic and test the significance of the relationship at a .05 level of significance.
d. Predict the annual sales at the Memphis branch office. This branch has 12 sales persons.


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This solution fills in missing values in the ANOVA table and determines the estimated regression equation, finds branch office number, computes the f-statistic and predicts the annual sales at the Memphis branch office.