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    ANOVA: Difference in any of the population means

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    You have 3 groups that you are trying to find if there is a difference in any of the population means. In each group there are 5 observations. The given level of significance is an alpha of .05. Your MSA is 5,500 and your MSW is 1,000. Will you reject your null hypothesis that all population means are equal or will you not reject? Choose the best answer from the options below.

    a) You will reject the null hypothesis
    b) You will not reject the null hypothesis
    c) The critical value is 3.89
    d) A and C
    e) B and C

    Please explain and show all work!

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    F = MSA/MSW = 5500/1000 = 5.5

    Degrees of freedom are 3 - 1 = 2 ...

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