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Summary of job satisfaction research

In unit 4 the topic of job satisfaction was researched. Provide one page summary of your findings. Are your findings consistent with what you observed when you tested your hypothesis in unit 4? (Unit 4 -research topic on job satisfaction. Choose two sets of hypothesis and test the hypothe sis using ANOVA) similate your own data (n=20) for your ANOVA. I'm trying to find out how to do this problem? (sample size=288) Ho:u1=u2=u3(where u means population) H1:u1#u2#u3(where u means population)

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As I can't find any data (as mentioned in unit 4), I am left with little option of helping you on the above. However, I can show you a similar problem that will help you (steps are included and workings are done manually for better understanding of ANOVA.


15 individuals were randomly assigned to one of 3 groups and were given material to type on a particular keyboard and the number of errors committed by each subject was recorded.

See attached for table

Trying to determine whether ...

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In this solution, the expert illustrates a similar problem with steps includes and workings done manually to provide students a better understanding of ANOVA.