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    Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and F test

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    Please, perform an F test for columns A (gender), B (age), and E (overall satisfaction) (in the attached spreadsheet)

    Please use all the data rows for each of these three columns. (from the Excel table attached)

    For this and any hypothesis test, I want you to number the five steps as in the book.

    Here are the 5 steps:

    1. State the Hypothesis and identify the claim

    2. Find the critical value

    3. Compute the test value.

    4. Make the decision

    5. Summarize the results

    Please provide the following summary table.
    Null and Alternative Hypotheses H0:
    Significance Level
    Degrees of freedom
    Critical Value α=
    Test Value t=

    Then run an ANOVA and clearly state each step and the formula used for each step.

    Then use the Table below: (enhance if you must to fit the data)

    Source Degrees of Freedom Sum of Squares Mean Square F value

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