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Analysis of variance

Both of problems should be in excel file.

1. Did you ever purchase a bag of M&M's candies and wonder about the distribution of colors? You can go to the website www.baking.m-ms.com and click the United States on the map, the click About M&M's, then History, Products, and Peanut and find the percentage breakdown according to the manufacturer, as well as a brief history of the product. Did you know in the beginning they were all brown? For M&M's peanuts 20 percent are blue, 20 percent brown, 20 percent yellow, 20 percent red, 10 percent green, and 10 percent orange. A 6 oz. bag purchased at the Book Store at Coastal Carolina University on March 7, 2003, had 13 blue, 17 brown, 20 yellow, 7 red, 9 orange, and 6 green. Is it reasonable to conclude that actual distribution agrees with the expected distribution? Use the .05 significance level. Conduct your own trial.

2. The following sample data were obtained from three populations that did not follow a normal distribution.
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
50 48 39
54 49 41
59 49 44
59 52 47
65 56 51

a. State the null hypothesis
b. Using the .05 level of risk, state the decision rule.
c. Compute the value of the test statistic.
d. What is your decision on the null hypothesis?