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    Tested several designs of "paper helicopters" for flight times when dropped from a point approximately 8 feet above the ground. Four different helicopters were made and tested for each design. Some summary statistics for the tests on four particular designs are given next.

    Design 1- n1=4, y(bar)1=1.640, s1=.096
    Design 2- n2=4, y(bar)2=2.545, s2=.426
    Design 3- n3=4, y(bar)3=1.510, s3=.174
    Design 4- n4=4, y(bar)4=2.600, s4=.168

    (a) Find a pooled estimate of the standard deviation in the one way model. What does this quantity measure in the present context?

    (b) Do a formal significance test of H. Show the whole five step process. (M1=M2=M3=M4)refers to means

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    The solution coducts ANOVA to test the hypothesis that the means are not equal.