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    Role of Countries

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    Describe what you feel is the historic importance of China and India to the rest of Asia, and how that importance is reflected today. Are there cultural and linguistic ties between Asian countries? Describe any current and historic political or economic ties, as well.

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    I believe China and India have greatly influenced each other over the years. The historic aspect of China is in regards to the wars they have fought in order to keep their country afloat. For example, they made the great wall in order to isolate the people, and to prevent from trading from Mongolia, and others that are in the North. When they isolated themselves, that is also when Buddhism arose, which they are known for in that part of the world. In fact, when I was in China, I did see temples, but that were not as close together as they were in Thailand. In Thailand, they had them every mile apart, but in China, they were maybe about every five to ten miles. Their life revolves around their religion, and this is rich in their history. Their families insist that their children go and join the monastery before graduating high school, and some become a part of it much sooner than that depending on what the parents want for their child. These are significant because it shows how their government does not separate out church and state, but allows it because life is not the same without it. The people ...

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    This solution described what one feels is the historic importance of China and India to the rest of Asia, and how it is reflected today as well as cultural and linguistic ties between the countries, which includes historical, political and economic too.