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    Raising the Age Limit on Social Security

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    I need information regarding raising the age limit on Social Security.

    Personally, I do not necessarliy agree with raising the age limit; however, I am looking for arguments in favor of the government raising the age limits on Social Security. I do think that Social Security should be reformed; however, I do not have the solution.

    I have included a discussion between a colleague and myself below. I need an intelligent response to their last comment.

    The other person stated in their discussion that, "I don't really see how raising the age anymore is going to make a difference." My response to their comment was, "Alternatively one must look on the bright side of this issue, a person working longer has many benefits: it increases the amount of money people can save for retirement, reduces the amount of money people need for retirement, and may help save Social Security. Furthermore, in raising the age limit, people will be forced to invest in working skills longer. Another point to consider is life expectancy for people is increasing. That could mean people are going to work longer. Especially in the case of people desiring to change careers, such as myself, and pursue work more geared around their life dreams in retirement."

    The other person replied to me saying that, "I have to politely disagree with you. Raising the age again from 67 to 69 only ends up cutting benefits. While it may not seem like much, in the long run it's a pretty good chunk. You may not be considering the low and middle class citizens who have physically demanding jobs. These people will essentially be expected to work until the day they die. Furthermore, the older you get, the harder it is to find jobs, especially well paying jobs. Sure the life expectancy is going up according to statistics, but all this does is delay receiving the same or less amount of benefits one is already entitled to. Unfortunately, there is no bright side to this."

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    You are forgetting that a good amount of people who are 67 do not want to retire. When they reach the age of retirement, they are forced to step down whether or not they want to. I know a school teacher who was just forced into retirement at the end of last year, and right now she is really depressed knowing ...

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