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    Exploring and Discussing the US Social Security System

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    There are many aspects of the program that can be adjusted. Do you believe that you should be able to choose if you want to contribute and therefore collect Social Security? What do you think would happen to the program if people choose to not contribute and save on their own?

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    On Social Security

    The United States is one that we can consider and label as a welfare society? Why so? America's social security system works in such a way that the most vulnerable and those at risk are looked after by providing them with assistance in securing their most basic needs - housing/shelter, healthcare, food and a number of services under the mandate of the US Department of Human Services. To do this, the state and the Federal government must ensure that it has the funds to do so. Apart from taxation, another key resource for ensuring welfare programs are well-funded and that the welfare of citizens are secure is via Social Security contributions. How does social security work? Social security comes in 3 different manifestations/purposes. The first is social insurance. This is a scheme wherein people contribute into to avail of pensions and other benefits for protection against conditions that might (while some are bound to happen like old age) manifest itself in the individual's future including poverty, disability, medical conditions, accidents, ...

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