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    Effect of Max Weber's life on his theory.

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    What connections can be drawn between Max Weber's life story and his theory? How did childhood, education, work and personal relationships shape his sociological ideas and research?

    I am aware that Weber's father had a political career and his mother was Calvinist. I need someone to break this down in "lay" terms. I have read tons of articles and I am just not getting the language of it. I need an explanation on a level that I can better understand. I don't know what his "theory" is and how his life has connected to that. Also...education, childhood, work and personal relationships...how did they have an affect on his sociological ideas and research.

    Please do not link me to any articles or make your entire response based on an article as I've already read most of them and don't understand them.

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    Max Weber

    In each area that I have highlighted red, you have reiterated your need for certain information, wording it slightly differently each time. In the area shaded blue, you have been a bit more specific, indicating that you have knowledge of Weber's parents' backgrounds, but you are uncertain how this connects to his sociological theory. If I understand you correctly, what you want to know is how Max Weber's life experiences (his childhood, education, work, and personal relationships) connect to his theory and his research. I will explain the connection between Weber's life and his work in plain language.

    The connection is pretty straightforward, really. You already know the basic facts about where, when, and by whom Max Weber was raised, so I won't repeat that. Max's upbringing in a middle-class German household by a highly-religious, Calvinist mother and by a father who was involved in the civil service exposed him to spirituality and politics from a very young age. This would influence him not just personally but also academically. As you no doubt read, some of his very first school essays were position papers on the emperor and the pope. Already, even at what we would now consider middle school age, Max was aware of and interested in both politics and religion and their respective influences on culture and society. These interests continued as he enrolled in university and studied law, history and theology. It wasn't until after Weber had earned his doctorate and began ...

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