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    DeBotton' snobbery

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    What is a snob? DeBotton notes that snobbery is easier to criticize than it is to avoid. Is there anything about which you might be guilty of snobbery? What contribution does snobbery make to the class system in America?

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    A snob is someone who believes himself to be superior to other people. He holds others in low esteem and does not value others as people neither does he value the things they value or their beliefs.

    Snobbery is easier to criticize than to avoid because it is something that we readily see in others but have difficulty identifying in our own lives. What others see as snobbery in us, we see as common sense or obvious truth. To agree with others that I am being a snob ...

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    DeBotton's notion of snobbery is briefly summarized. American class systems are also contextualized.