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    Cultural differences and issues

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    Can you chose one of the scenario in the attachment and answer the following questions.

    (1.) Consider one of the clients from the Riverbend City case studies.

    (2.) Research the important factors that you would want to understand if assessing this client.

    (3.) Develop a questionnaire that could be used as an assessment tool for this client.

    (4.) Provide an explanation from the research as to why you are asking the questions that you have developed in your assessment tool, and provide appropriate APA citations for your sources.

    It should be 300 words or more.

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    I would choose Jason and the family dynamics.
    The factors would be:
    Jason's age
    His place in the family hierarchy
    How long has he been in the U.S.?
    Does he regularly act as interpreter?
    His relationship with Lu
    His relationship with Lu's parents
    His level of English
    His background in relation to cultural differences within his community and the community at large

    For each of these, establishing his place in the family is more important than his age. At 17, there is limited reasons to consider him unable to ...

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    Using the supplied scenario, analyzing one of the potential clients.