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    Community coaches

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    The purpose of the paper is to compare and contrast the coaching of one sports' coach and one organizational "coach," with the focus on your evaluation of the effectiveness of the coach in helping a(n) player/employee achieve his or her ideal performance state. Any sports' coach from any team or level may be chosen, as can any organizational "coach." You may utilize positive or negative examples of coaching. Be sure to integrate the leadership and coaching models.

    Some of that material could also include a description of the coach's style(s), in which situations certain styles are utilized, and anything unique about your particular coaches. You will also need to define the criteria you are using to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaches. Use the terms from the course in a way that demonstrates your understanding of them, apply the terms and concepts in your analyses, and note specific examples.

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    While we can't write papers for students, I can give you some great ideas for getting started and resources to help you. I work with many people who do community coaching, that is they go into a community and help them organize themselves to be the best they can--so say there is a community that is dying. All of the businesses are closing, people are leaving, school might close, and the leadership is dwindling. Community coaches can come in and help revive their situation with ideas about how to get going and make things happen. This is a lot like a sports team that might be having issues with its season, or perhaps it's a new coach that may need some coaching him or herself.

    Here is a great resource to look at: http://www.communitycoaching.com/six-rs_2.html

    In terms of beginning your paper, I would open with a great starting visual image. You want to show the reader a scene to draw them into your writing. Something like this:

    Last night's game was a difficult loss. The girl's basketball team lost to their team rival by 18 points, and it was the third loss in a row, but this one was by a bigger margin. Coach Johnson noticed the team seemed stale; high point scorers were not at their best. The defense was not tough. Some of the players were loping down the court instead of a full speed sprint. He spent a lot of time contemplating what to do during practice, and he decided a talk was needed with the group.

    LEO and Associates sells computer products, and have had great sales years in the past 3 years until this year. The economy is to blame somewhat, but the leaders are noticing a big lack of motivation from some of their new employees who replaced a few of the top sales people. They need to pull together a meeting and talk about what is going on and how to make things better.

    In both of these cases, the "coaches" have some work to do. Their teams need a pep talk, some motivation to get back in the game and start making great things happen. How would be the best way to do this? What tactics can they use?
    (Here is where you can talk about ...

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