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    Social critics

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    Has any society ever endured a strong critic of the society without an angry or violent reaction. I need spacific examples. I need ideas that expand beyond the front line, such as the army and officer corps, to include merchants, contractors, those who needed workers, patriots, and ordinary people. A full explanation would help

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    Yes, I really do think that society has endured many strong critics without an angry or violent reaction. As you look for examples, I offer Ralph Nader as a prime example of a nonviolent social critic who continues to advocate and expose pertinent special issues in America and also globally. He uses his power of the pen to initiate social change.

    Just recently after the latest, deadly coal mining accident in West Virginia, Nader exposed the dangers and corruptions in non-unionized mines. Since my own father is a coal miner, Nader's writings to promote awareness for manual ...

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    Social critics of society are debated.