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Retirement Revolution

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After viewing Retirement revolution: The new reality WTTW. (n.d.) retrieved from http://www.pbs.org/wttw/retirementrevolution/ examine how the topic of retirement has changed in American society since the 2008 recession. Describe how it can impact person plans, their family members, or their friends' plans for retirement. Compare traditional views of retirement with current views.

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The topic of retirement has changed in American society since the 2008 recession, largely due to the fact that most Americans have come to believe that their chances of being able to depend on working for an organization long enough to qualify for retirement from the organization are greatly reduced in today's economic climate. Many individuals have had to alter their retirement plans in a manner that requires them to extend the number ...

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Economics and the Role of the Retiree

The focus is on the inverse relationship of how larger social and cultural contexts shape aging processes, and how these in turn shape the societies and cultures in which they occur. Based on the current economic environment what dramatic event changed the traditional transitional path from worker to retiree in American society. How have these changing economic forces altered the role and quality of life for older adults?


The question is based on choosing an occupation you feel has been affected the most by changing economic forces.
Review how the path from worker to retiree in that occupation has been altered.
Review the various phases of retirement. Specific to the occupation you selected, explain how each of these phases has been affected by changing economic forces.
Identify the alternatives that are now available in lieu of traditional retirement.
Explain how retirement planning has affected younger adults.
Describe to what degree you feel retirement planning options affect career selection for younger adults today.

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