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    PICO Organizing Model

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    Watch the Faith in Action: PICO Organizing Model. This video is about PICO, a faith-based activist organization that works with local affiliates to pressure government to redirect programs to those in need. Retrieved from http://www.organizingcareers.org/videos?id=0001

    And watch The Playing for Change Foundation Retrieved from http://playingforchange.org/
    This video is about connecting the world through music and providing resources to musicians.

    1) Do these two agencies have a likeminded mission?
    - Faith in Action: PICO Organizing Model and The Playing for Change Foundation

    2) Could they be combined?

    3) If so, in what type of situation would this be most effective?

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    1) Both of these organizations do have a somewhat like-minded mission due to the fact that both of these organizations are seeking to provide resources to a segment of society. In this case the PICO organization is seeking to gain resources for those in need, whereas the playing for change foundation is seeking to gain resources for ...

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