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Neighborhood groups and Community Development Corporations

There are however, no simple set of administrative rules for social change organizations as their structure and purposes vary greatly, from a volunteer neighborhood group with no officers, funded out of pocket, to larger Community Development Corporations that in structure look very much like capitalist business.

Effectively running social change organizations requires understanding ways of:

Defining mission
Structuring the organization
Choosing personnel
Managing personnel, tasks, and workflow
Gaining and sustaining funding
Fiscal management
Engaging the environment
Planning and evaluation

1. Do these two agencies have a likeminded mission: Volunteer neighborhood group agency with no officers, funded out of pocket, to Larger Community Development Corporations agency that in structure look very much like capitalist business?

2. In your opinion what be the likeminded mission of these two agencies?

3. Could they be combined?

4. If so, in what type of situation would this be most effective?

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1. These two agencies do have a like-minded mission due to the fact that both of these agencies seek to develop their communities. In addition, both of these organizations have the primary focus of increasing the prosperity and condition of their communities despite the difference in size and funding of ...

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