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Can a national health care system be consitutional?

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Constitutionality of the American health care system

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It is interesting to think that our American way of life is supposedly based on the Constitution. However, I would imagine that our founding fathers would have a heart attack (if they were alive) if they saw the license we have taken with their historic document. According to the Declaration of Independence we are created with certain inalienable rights including "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." That is pretty basic language yet covers many areas of life. The Constitution went further and spelled certain responsibilities the government had in order to ensure that citizens could actually pursue these inalienable rights. According to the Constitution any powers not expressly given to the central government ...

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This solution focuses on constitutional questions regarding health care in America. Three paragraphs of ideas for a student to consider and research in order to write a paper about the constitutionality of the health care system. Over 450 words of original text along with links to websites for further research.

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