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    Mutual Help Groups

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    The mutual-help groups (AA, NA, etc.) have a value to many and have some limits for others. As a therapist, how do you value these groups? How do you use them in your practice? What do you perceive to be their strengths and limits in traditional practice?

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    1. About MHGs - 100 words
    2. Value - 100 words
    3. Utilization - 100 words

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    On Mutual Help Groups

    Mutual Help Groups (MHGs) are also known as mutual aid or support groups. They are self-help groupings of people who volunteer to come together, to share their experiences, their feelings and situations so as to support one another and extend a helping hand to people recovering from or suffering from the same issues, illnesses or situations that they are or have been under. The motivation behind this is obvious - they hope to overcome their issues and to help others who are suffering the same. Examples of MHGs are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Emotions ...

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