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    Depression Rates

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    Studies suggest that blacks are more depressed than whites, given their increased exposure to race-related and generic stress.

    Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Why? Are depressed moods and race related? State at least two studies that refute the statement. Justify your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

    Currently I have not picked a side, for I have found research on both sides, however sort of up in the air on what to actually go with, any suggestions, if anything or website is added, please use or post it in your answer. Thanks, ooh and no Wikipedia.

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    I personally agree that African Americans are more depressed than Caucasians. It is my opinion due to the barriers many face due to their race. As you stated, some studies suggest this. One such study is the Miranda, Polanco-Roman, Tsypes, and Valderrama (2013) study. The study by Stein, Curry, Hersh, Breland-Noble, March, Silva, Reinecke, & Jacobs (2010) states that there are no ethnic differences in depression presentation. Basically, Caucasians, Latinos, and African ...

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    A look at race as a risk factor for depression.