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Sources of Women's Depression

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"The notion that women become depressed because of what is taking place in their lives is not new. In the early part of the twentieth century Freud drew a connection between mourning and depression and health professionals have for some time noted the connection between events of loss in the lives of women and depression (Stoppard 75)". Besides loss, what are some of the other causes that contribute to the high rate of depression in women?

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As you examine the some of the other causes that contribute to the high rates of depression in women besides loss, many reasons are cited in the article. Stress is a big factor. The article also asserts that "Woman's role as wife and mother: High rates of depression have been found among women who are full-time moms with many children to care for. Certainly, being home with children can be a satisfying experience. It can also be a source of stress" (Unit 6 10).

Experts often correlate it with abuse and violence against women. The ...

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This solution provides 350 words of notes from the attached reference to validate sources for women's depression in addition to loss. It briefly summarizes some of the other related causes that contribute to the high rates of depression in women, especially among Canadian women.

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