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PTSD Case Study Creation

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Create a case study dealing with a person who have signs and symptoms of a person with a Post traumatic Stress disorder? Use citations, define PSTD.

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I have provided you with the details of one man's struggle with PTSD. I also included a couple of websites, but you can fill in the case study with the details of PTSD research and treatments, using his story as your basis. This is an actual person, though the name is changed. After 43 years he is finally getting the help he needed and deserves, but it is slow and often he is frustrated and tries to quit. Sadly, more stop than become well enough to be considered completely functional without medication or ongoing counseling and help.

Garrett served in the war in Southeast Asia, from 1969 to 1971. He was in Vietnam for three months and flew missions with the Air Force such as supply runs and air support and rescue. During his two years in the region, he lost seventy two fellow soldier friends and is able to recall their names and how they died. In his three months in country, he twice saw two planes with AF personnel shot down, crashing. He can tell you the details of each of those observed incidents, including names, details of the land, and information about many of the young men who died.

Garrett also brought home the scars of chemicals used in the war. He was aboard flights that moved the chemicals and he was on the ground during two spray missions, close to the base where he was working. He has had a carcinoma removed from at least a dozen spots on his body, three times from the same place in his arm, leaving a huge scar that has had additional plastic ...

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A case study using a person with PTSD, after serving in the Vietnam era war.

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