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Social Mobility: Exploring Ideas

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Hello. Please help me in putting together the following paper. Any help will be appreciated. The details are as follows:
Social Mobility Paper

Reflect on the similarities and differences between you, your parents, and your grandparents in regard to various stratification variables (education, religion, income, occupation, area of residence, consumption patterns, and political participation). Write a 700 to 1,050-word paper on the similarities and differences, and consider to what extent you are upwardly or downwardly mobile. Explain why some of these differences exist, what caused them, and if they have changed or influenced your attitudes and behaviors. How have these differences changed your life from how it was when you were young? This is a research paper and you must follow the APA requirements and these following points to receive full credit for your work:

1. Your introduction must have an overview of what you will be writing in the paper, giving the reader some information to guide him or her.

2. Your paper needs to be organized. Your ideas should not be presented randomly without thought to order. Divide your work according to subjects and identify them with sub-titles.

3. You need to have a conclusion. Do not add new information at the end of the paper. You need to summarize the main points of the paper.

4. This paper must have references to follow your paper with regard to these requirements: a) 3 sociological sources , 2) your textbook can be used only as the fourth source, 3) dictionaries are not a scientific tool and do not use them as a source to support your paper.

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Dear Student,
The solution below is partly based on personal experience to 'socially ground' the presented narrative. Therefore this solution is just your guide. You have to adapt it to make a specifically 'yours' narrative. What the exercise wants you to do is to look into your own family history to trace the 'social mobility' that your family exercised from your grandparents and even far back if you can trace it to you. Its about looking into social status and way of life, comparing and contrasting to see if you are better off and living much more comfortably and occupying a social class a tad higher that your ancestors before you. This exercise is not about judging if you did better or to find out if your ancestors were in a real bad situation, it is about tracing progress and development. I will make the solution concise while appearing 'personalized' to make things easier for you.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones
Social Mobility: A family History

If social mobility is dictated by economic & social capacity, then my family's journey upward is an interesting story. The symbols of 'having made it' came with arid work and dedication as my grandparent's actions can clearly be observed to be one of making things better, making life different, a positive change in fortunes and status. My Grandparents both from my mother and my father's side were all immigrants. My mother's parents came to the US from the Philippines in the 50's after WW2. My grandfather was a veteran and he took advantage of the resettlement program offered for then Vets. The Philippines was still then an American Territory and my mother said her parents were hoping to build a future in America. Both my grandparents were educated and reached College before the war broke. They were able to find clerical jobs from typing to bookkeeping. They lived a very humble life in the first few years - a studio apartment in San Diego. Since they were Asian, they experienced racism which back then was yet an issue that needed general social acknowledgement with the civil Rights Movement just awakening. My grandfather used to tell me that they had to sit in the back of the bus or were not allowed to eat at restaurants or visit certain museums or even parks. When I asked why they had not protested he said that he and my grandmother were tolerant and accepting of such realities; it is apparently a part of the Filipino trait to tolerate unpleasing realities instead of fighting a system that would cause more difficulties and pain. My grandparents instead concentrated on working hard, studying when they could to bring themselves up in the social strata. My grandmother finished her BA in Education while my grandfather finished his degree in Engineering; in ...

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