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    Ethnomethodology Social Norm Utilizing

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    What is Ethnomethodology?

    Describe an actual everyday social norm utilizing breaching experiment. Answer the following questions:
    • Describe the experiment
    • What social norm was breached?
    • Where?
    • With how many people?
    • Why?
    • What was the final outcome/conclusion?

    Describe Ethnomethodology in the breaching experiment above

    *350-400 words for 5 credits*

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    What is Ethnomethodology?

    In reference to the actual definition of ethnomethodology, it represents any scientific study that is predicated upon procedural activity that attempts to sow disorder within a society wherein the objective is to engage in non-acceptable behavior that would be considered an affront to societal norms. Therefore, the ultimate objective for a researcher is to disrupt social order to establish the necessary understanding of what is considered normal within the society. In essence, the belief is that without understanding what is considered unacceptable social behavior, the researcher will not be able to deduce what the actual social norms are within ...

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