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    Characteristics of Science

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    Could you please help me understand the eight characteristics of science? I.e. empirical, systematic, theoretical, provisional, public, objective, self-reflective, and open-ended process. What are differences and similarities?

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    Empirical, in science, focuses on disregarding theory and relying instead on practical experience. This means that theorizing or hypothesizing about a scientific solution is not acceptable; that the experiment has to be actually conducted in order to prove results and come to a conclusion.

    Theoretical relates to theory (which is the opposite of empirical). This is the area of science that speculates a theory and hypothesizes its results without (or before) conducting the experiment. This characteristic of science is strictly restricted to theory and not practical (which is seen a lot in sciences such as physics).

    Provisional is the scientific characteristic that states nothing in science is ever final. This means that science has the ability to ...

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    The characteristics of science in empirical, systematic and open-ended processes are determined. The differences and similarities are provided.