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Ex-convicts social stigma

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There is a stigma society places on current and former prisoners. Explain the discrimination and social exclusion faced by current and former prisoners.

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Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The discussion below should get you started. To explain this stigma, I have used some sociological terminologies and theories. If you are unfamiliar with them and want them clarified, just let me know via the feedback section and I'll be happy to clarify them for you. You can also use the listed references for further exploration of the topic. Good luck with your studies.

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Social Stigma: Labelling

Deviance is those behaviors that violate social, cultural and legal norms. It is important to determine cultural from legal as while deviance to cultural norms can result, let's say to exclusion from social groups, legal deviance are those actions that can be framed as a form of criminality where the individual or individuals have acted in a way that goes against what is legal. As such, legal deviance result often to measures that require individuals to repay their acts by serving punishments aimed at exacting justice as well as rehabilitation. Now, it is important to remember that as citizens of a country, we are bound to the laws of the land via a social contract. while we have rights and privileges, we also have the duty and responsibility to uphold its laws and if an action goes against said laws, we are sought by society to correct in pursuit of justice, in pursuit of order (here, law functions as a means of keeping society ...

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The solution discusses social issues-stigma faced by ex-convicts and the reasons behind them.References are listed for further studies. A word version is also attached.