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suicide missions

How and why suicide missions have been becoming critical for attacking civilians and military targets? What is so unique about suicide terrorism?

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Suicide Attacks/ Suicide Terrorism

What is so unique about suicide terrorism is the psyche and mentality of the person/persons engaging in the act. They are fully prepared and have embraced the idea of death, that by doing the act and ensuring that they achieve the target of the act they will die in the process. Always, the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible, to kill, and to spread as much terror. During the second World War, Japanese pilots engaged in the act of kamikaze - by sacrificing themselves and embracing death they are said to chose the 'way of the warrior'. The idea of kamikaze used to affect American morale for suicidal and 'ready for death' enemies appear far more formidable psychologically. and, while the situation for terrorist suicide bombers are different from that of kamikaze warriors, they share that similar state of mental psyche - a fanaticism about a belief and a viewpoint so totally separate from reality that the value of their life is less important than the 'glory' the act of their death via a suicide attack brings. In most cases this is culture-based. Jihad and suicide attacks based on ...

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