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Personal perspective of an article on Latino subcultures in U.S

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I read this article and I found it to be very interesting. I would like to get some one else's perspective on its content to compare it with what I have concluded. The summary does not have to be very long but should mention the author's intent on writing the article or the message she is trying to bring across to the audience. How does the article relate to Hispanics present place in a racially diverse American Society? What can we expect from Hispanics in the future base how diverse they are themselves? And any other conclusions that can be inferred.

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The solution gives another perspective of an article on Latino subcultures in the U.S. The article discusses the state of Hispanics in the U.S. The original article is found in an attachment. The text contains 452 words.

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Linda Robinson's article is an inventory. It is, as stated in the title, "a guide to the nation's 17 major Latino subcultures". Starting from the observation that Hispanics in the United States are wrongly considered one compact group, Linda Robinson suggests that a closer look should be taken into the matter. The author is arguing for the diversity of cultures among the Hispanic population in the United States. According to her, there is no common Latino subculture. 'With time, the differences may merge into a shared Latino identity", says the author, but for the time being one cannot talk about Hispanics as an ethnic group, but only as a combination of about 17 different ethnic groups.

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