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Critique of an article on the role of Asian Pacific Americans

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I would like for someone to help critique this article. Please help me get started with approximately one page double spaced. It should and contain: the purpose of the message being conveyed, a brief conclusion and what can be learned in relations to understanding racial and cultural diversity in organizations and problems relevant to American society.

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The solution critiques and discusses the article on Asian Pacific Americans and the role and contribution of the Asian Pacific ethnicity in America. The original article can be found in an attachment. The text has 335 words.

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The article provides information about the role and contribution of the Asian Pacific ethnicity in America. Being written by (probably) a member of this community - Mr. Shinagawa - the article offers an interesting commentary coming from within the group. To the traditional artistic view on the community, whose answer to the question "what it means to be an Asian Pacific American?" is: "It is to share a sensibility", the need for being treated as an important social group is increasingly being felt.

The author is treating the Asian ...

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