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    The Effect of an Organization's Mission on Its Program

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    How does an organizations mission affect its program? Why is it important to make sure a program is oriented to the organization's mission and purpose?

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    Let's begin with defining terms.

    "Mission" -- The mission of the company is the answer to the question: why does the organization exist? The organization at its formation, and from time to time during its life, will define for itself, its employees, its funders or investors, its community of constituents, etc., the values that it holds, the issues or needs that it intends to address, and/or what effects it intends to have. As an example, the mission of the Audubon Center in Sandstone, MN is "To protect, improve and promote the enjoyment of the natural environment through formal and informal education programs and research; to assist and encourage environmental education programs, centers, and careers." Break it down... they state the reasons for their existence: to have a particular effect (protecting, improving and promoting the enjoyment of the natural environment).

    "Purpose" - This is essentially the same term as "mission," in that it is an affirmative statement made by the organization of its objectives. Treat the terms as equal, unless you have discussed a distinction in your course.

    "Program" - This incorporates the methodology and the actions that the organization employs to fulfill its mission. Programs vary widely based on many variables - the philosophy of the organization's leaders (e.g., some are consensus builders, others like to be the one calling all the shots), the capabilities of its staff (e.g., sometimes you ...

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