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    Overcoming Generational Poverty

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    1. Identify the complex factors involved in overcoming generational poverty.
    2. Explain challenges the aged face when there is a lack of access to employment.
    3. Describe the unique challenges that women face through the different life stages.
    4. Has what you learned changed your perspective and the way you will approach the special populations discussed?

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    Identify the complex factors involved in overcoming generational poverty.

    In order to help you understand generational poverty I am going to educate you on my work with former foster youth who unfortunately fall into this category too often. Generational poverty is when at least two generations have been born into poverty (Jensen, 2009). Families involved with the child welfare system generally have generational poverty and is some cases generational involvement with child welfare. In my work with former foster youth who have aged out of the system the number one reason for them unable to break these poverty cycles is the lack of stability. Once foster youth are out of the system and responsible for themselves, stability appears to be a hard thing for them to achieve. Most of us take for granted that we have our basic needs met such as shelter, food and clothing. As such we have time to pursue our goals and dreams for our life and pay full attention to college and the pursuit of higher education. For a former foster youth even if college is a free ride with no cost to them, they have no stability outside of that. They constantly worry about where they are going to lay their head each night and where the next meal will come from. This can be even more difficult if you have a former foster youth who has some mental health issues making it hard for them to attain and keep employment. So if one does not have stability, one cannot focus on higher education which would lead to a degree to a higher paying job and ...

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