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The Effect of Poverty on Families

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13 page research study of the Effect of Poverty on Families.

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In our nation there is a tendency to think of poverty as only affecting third world countries such as those depicted by advertisements for Feed the Children or Save the Children. These advertisements however, depict poverty at a distance. While this study is not an endeavor to diminish the severity and need that is felt in these other countries, it serves as a reminder to us to recognize the poverty amidst our own masses.

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Quantitative Research: family issues

I have to Identify an issue or problem that affects families. I have chosen poverty for the identified family problem. I have to find two qualitative and two quantitative research articles a total of four articles that address poverty as it relates to the family unit.
For the research described in each article it has to include:
â?¢ Summarize the data collection and evaluation methods used in the research.
â?¢ Explain how the various data collection and evaluation methods differ from one another.
â?¢ Describe the advantages of using each research approach.
â?¢ Evaluate the assumptions made in each study.
â?¢ Describe any limitations inherent in the research design for each study.

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