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    Disability Misconceptions

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    This posting examines how attitudes and perceptions about disability issues been influenced by your reading.

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    Please allow some of my ideas to help:

    Based upon my reading of The Ragged Edge and various explorations of other resources my attitudes and perceptions about disability issues have been greatly altered and influenced as a result of my readings. Prior to the reading, I held many unconscious, stereotypical notions about what constitutes a disability, how we should treat those who disabilities, and how people who disabilities wish to be treated. Many times I often thought that some of them wanted sympathy, pity, special privileges such as parking stickers. Many Americans claims to be disabled, but instead they are really lazy or overweight, distorting the true reality of those who suffer from real disabilities.

    However, the reading offers profound insights about disability issue. There were many common themes of consistency among the resources as well.

    First, the readings enlightened me about the history and plight of before with disabilities. It seems like a recent issue with devices installed to accommodate kids in schools and physically disabled persons in public places. However, the reading forced me to see a brave battle to obtain the Americans with Disabilities Act. I was unable of how it, like other Civil Rights and activist movements for equitable, shaped our nation politically ...

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    This posting offers ideas about stereotypes about disability issues.