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Values and Historical Impact in Contemporary Culture

1. We define "values" as the central ideas that bind a culture together. We also define values as "things worth living for and dying for." As you look at contemporary culture, what things fit this definition in your opinion?
2. How important is history to the average person today? What kinds of things should cause us to develop an interest in the past?

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In the U.S., religion is very important, although there are many individual expressions of faith. There is a supposed separation between church and state, but we find religion everywhere expressed in American society: in the courtroom, in the two branches of the legislature, at sporting events, etc. Polls indicate that people are hesitant to elect atheists, so religion is very much ingrained in the collective psyche. Patriotism seems to be a strong force, not just in the U.S., but abroad. National pride is a central theme of the recent Olympics. Family structures are also central to cultures around the globe. The ...

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This solution discusses understanding religion, culture and history in 408 words. How important history is to the average person today is determined.