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    Peace/Health Crises

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    What are you able to do that promotes, or would promote, peace in a personal or health crisis? How willing are you to use this skill? What would make you more willing to do this?

    With your response please provide me with references to pursue follow-up.

    Thank you.

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    Providing peace in a personal or health care crisis

    Peace has always been the ultimate attainment for the people of God. The prophets told of an era of peace and tranquility at the end of the earth (Is. 2: 2-4). This peace is re-emphasized in the New Testament (e.g., Acts 1:1-6). Similarly, the contemporary believer (and some non-believers) view piece as the ultimate goal in life. On this basis, what can be done to promote peace in a personal or health crisis include helping people deal with peacemaking in a constructive fashion. For example, people are often aggressive and confrontational when dealing with health issues. Therefore, one can help to promote an environment of peace that focuses on less hostility and aggression and more on constructive and ...

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    This solution explores what a provider can do to bring peace in a health crisis.