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    Compassion and ethics of Jesus

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    • Matthew 14:13 - 21- In what ways is Jesus empathetic and merciful toward the hungry crowd?
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    Poker Game Ethic
    • Genesis 27:1 - 46 - How did Rebecca and her son Jacob "play poker" in this situation? What was the outcome of their disregard for "normal ethics"?
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    Question 1: Empathy
    Jesus shows compassion -see vs.14
    Jesus performs a miracle- v. 18- instead of sending the crowd away, he says bring them to me and feeds them
    - this situation shows Jesus- empathetic and merciful nature in several ways
    i) he takes time to talk to the crowd, he is among the people- he does not separate himself or elevate himself ...

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    Explanation of Jesus feeding five thousand miracle and Jacob's deceit is given. The expert determines if Jesus was empathetic and merciful towards the hungry crowd.