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Christian Leadership

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We have many leaders in great psoitions with great responsibilities. Some are Christian and others are not. I am a Christian leader in a secular enviroment. I have a hard time leading people as a Christian; however, as a non-Christian everyone trust my decisions.

So,I am trying to get someone's opinion on the follwoing questions. No more than 200 words.

1. Why do you think it is so hard for people to trust others (in particular, leaders)?
2. Under the best circumstances, how long does it take for people to trust new leaders?
3. What are the variables that you have seen from your own experience that may make this time shorter or longer?

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In order for people to follow leaders, they have to trust them. One of the reasons that people don't trust leaders is that they feel that leaders are not always truthful with them. In other instances, leaders do not always portray abilities to lead effectively. For example, a strong negative characteristic attributed to a lot of leaders is the lack of capacity to be empathetic. Thus, people may feel that leaders do not have their best interests at heart.

(2) Under the best circumstances, how long does it take for people to trust new leaders?

It may take a long time for people to ...

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This solution is focused on problems in Christian leadership reltate to lack of trust in leaders.

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