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Parousia and I Thessalonians

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Hello all our discussion group is discussing the following I'm interested in hearing opinions related to the following.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:28.

Identify one problem experienced by the Thessalonian Christians that relates to the parousia. Why was this a problem? What, if anything, surprises you about Paul's response to the problem?

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I Thess. 4:13- 5:28, Parousia

i) Considering one problem experienced by the Thessalonian Church- parousia: Questions to ask yourself- why would Paul write extensively on this topic in I Thess.? The word appears more than five times in the epistle , is this the main theme?

- In my opinion, Parousia seems to be the main theme of I Thess. Paul probably wanted to address this issue of the Second coming of Christ to ...

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284 words to discuss how Paul encourages the Thessalonians regarding death and Second coming of Christ.

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