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    Lessons from Sabbath

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    Please help with the following problem:

    In 250-500 words please record your experience practicing the discipline you selected. How was the spiritual discipline beneficial to you throughout the week? Was it challenging? If so, explain.

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    Hi there! I'm not sure if you're looking for a particular example, but I can tell you about my experience practicing Sabbath at one time.

    Sabbath is a complicated practice to establish, but it is ripe with lessons. I learned at the time that God works slowly over time. Problems are not solved in a day; Sabbath does not give you rest in a single day. Sabbath is a practice, and the benefits of ...

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    A personal reflection of establishing a Sabbath practice is given as a means of example to reflect upon one's own spiritual disciplines. The explanation goes into how practicing Sabbath can affect one's life with respect to one's connection with God. It also gives specific examples of experiences that were experienced through the practice of Sabbath. The solution is provided in 287 words.