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How Gender Equality Exists in Muslim Societies Today

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Women are demanding total equality with men and complete independence. Research how this challenge is being met in major Muslim societies today.

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Here is an outline and some help getting started:

1. Select 2-3 "major Muslim societies as your examples.
A. You're in luck in that the 'Arab Spring' is prevalent and that all the media outlets are discussing it nowadays, providing you with a plethora of Muslim dominated societies to select from. Tunisia, Lybia and Egypt are all countries that have (for the most part) moved beyond the militaristic phase of their revolutions and on to the socio-political reforms that the revolts were clamoring for. Egypt is by far the easiest to find material on. It also provides the most dramatic contrast between the efforts of religious and liberal reformers. The role of women in society is a major issue for both groups. Since the revolution, began there has been a dramatic rise in reported violence and harassment against women. The group that has recently won political control of the government is called the "Muslim Brotherhood" and they have publicly announced a desire for gender to differentiate rights between citizens. You would find a tremendous amount of information on the internet about what is taking place in Egypt right ...

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The following posting discusses gender equality in today's Muslim societies.

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