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    The Existence of the Hereafter

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    Based on Turner's article, what are Nursi's arguments for the existence of the Hereafter? Do you think Nursi makes a good case for life after death ?

    Please provide 3 paragraphs of explanations.I attached the Turner's article here.

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    The Existence of the Hereafter

    (1) Based on Turner's article, what are Nursi's arguments for the existence of the Hereafter?

    In Presenting Nursi's arguments Turner (2006) utilized allegories and a number of theological arguments to rationalize and refute arguments to support the existence of an afterlife. First he points to the eternal existence of divine beauty of "eternal mirrors" that he suggests reflect the eternal existence of man which in turn requires an eternal realm He provides twelve indications of the hereafter: He begins his point of arguments based on the resurrection in dimple and common language straightforward style'. The first aspect: is the splendid kingdom of God, including what Nursi believes is merciful—that there is no punishment even for those who rebel. Reward and punishment is virtually non-existent. He further concludes that this is evidence that there is supreme law somewhere. According to Turner, Nursi's contention is that a land that is as magnificently ruled such as this world--surely a reward should await in the hereafter. The second aspect he points to the organization and maintenance of all who exists upon the earth. People go about paying attention to duties while wearing fine garments and devouring splendid feasts. According to Nursi, only the fool is left without understanding his boundaries. God takes care of all on the earth. Thus, He has great generosity and compassion; and thus He is ...

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